KryptOrganic with Vitamin C and Zinc
KryptOrganic with Vitamin C and Zinc

KryptOrganic with Vitamin C and Zinc

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Kryptorganic has been shown to improve the detrimental effects of radiation, and has also been linked to cancer prevention. It has the capability to bind with toxins like heavy metals and helps remove them from the body. It can also stimulate bowel movements and is a great aid in colon cleansing. It contains Vitamins C with Zinc.

Content: Cryptomonadales 200 mg
 100 Tablets / bottle

Dosage: Take 1 tablet 3 times a day, 30 minutes before meals or as prescribed by a healthcare professional.

Kryptorganic contains abundant Per-oxisome Proliferator Activated Re-ceptors (PPARs). A variety of micro nutrients not found in any other chlor-ella strain, including high amounts of all three natural forms of alpha(helps liver, heart& bones), beta(helps skin, bones& muscles) and gamma (helps lipid, colon & other organs) 

Supreme whole food concentrate & storehouse of concentrated nutrients.

Richest source of CHLOROPHYLL “ Nature's Healer” the most powerful blood cleansing agent & it detoxifies the bowel, kidney & liver.

Richest source of Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) “ long life factors”, enhancer of immunity, retardant of aging, stimulates tissue repair & improves nutrients intake.

Richest source of natural PPAR Agonists- the most promising biomedical mlecule for metabolic syndrome, anti-inflammation, and cancer in the 21st century.

C leanses blood
E nergizes cells
L ower cholesterol
L ose weight

R egulates blood sugar
E nhances libido
P rotects liver & liver
A nticancer
Improves brain/ nerve function
R ejuvenates cell

G rowth enhancer
R educes stress
A lkalizes cells
B uilds strong immune system
E xtends good, healthy life