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Content: Cryptomonadales 200 mg
 100 Tablets / bottle

Dosage: Take 1 tablet 3 times a day, 30 minutes before meals or as prescribed by a healthcare professional.

Kryptorganic contains abundant Per-oxisome Proliferator Activated Re-ceptors (PPARs). A variety of micro nutrients not found in any other chlor-ella strain, including high amounts of all three natural forms of alpha(helps liver, heart& bones), beta(helps skin, bones& muscles) and gamma (helps lipid, colon & other organs) 

Supreme whole food concentrate & storehouse of concentrated nutrients.

Richest source of CHLOROPHYLL “ Nature's Healer” the most powerful blood cleansing agent & it detoxifies the bowel, kidney & liver.

Richest source of Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) “ long life factors”, enhancer of immunity, retardant of aging, stimulates tissue repair & improves nutrients intake.

Richest source of natural PPAR Agonists- the most promising biomedical mlecule for metabolic syndrome, anti-inflammation, and cancer in the 21st century.

C leanses blood
E nergizes cells
L ower cholesterol
L ose weight

R egulates blood sugar
E nhances libido
P rotects liver & liver
A nticancer
Improves brain/ nerve function
R ejuvenates cell

G rowth enhancer
R educes stress
A lkalizes cells
B uilds strong immune system
E xtends good, healthy life